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opposition to biometric identity cards is widespread

links to other websites and organizations

These links are provided for your convenience, to help you further your understanding of the issues surrounding biometric identity cards, and to help you participate in opposing or supporting their introduction, as you wish.  The authors of the web site you are presently viewing have no control over the contents of the sites referenced.

Refuse to register pledge
A pledge to refuse to register for an ID card.
Defy ID
Campaigning group.
A group campaigning against the introduction of biometric identity cards.
An organization that opposes the introduction of biometric identity cards.
The only serious UK political party that isn't socialist.
“The Register”
Search The Register for articles about biometric systems.
Justice not vengeance
“Briefing number 60”: expresses the view that Identity cards will not prevent terrorist attacks..
The Home Office of the United Kingdom government
This is the government office that wishes to impose dangerous identity cards on the British people.
Trevor Mendham
A personal website with easy to read articles about identity card issues.
A personal blog documenting some of the activity surrounding the governments proposals.
Wikipedia article about biometrics in general.
Wikipedia article about the UK's biometric identity card plans.



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